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    Clean and invigorate your face with this pH balanced cleansing gel.  Goodbye dirt and filmy residue. Hello beautiful, clean, luminous skin. Cleanse is formulated to penetrate the pores to help deeply cleanse and protect the skin from bacteria and fungus. A natural astringent can help tighten the skin and pores without drying.* This product is so natural you can use it to brush your teeth or soothe your baby's tush.  Ladies, watch your men, this product makes an excellent shaving gel for both ladies and gents!

    Size: 8oz

    Product Highlights:
    • Helps to control acne conditions
    • Can relieve ingrown hairs
    • Can cleanse and tighten the skin and pores without drying*
    • Flush away excess oils, waste materials from perspiration, soot, smog residues, and other pollutants from the air; colognes, perfumes, aftershaves, make-up and other applied substances, as well as bacteria and fungus*

    Additional Uses:
    • Body wash

    • Feminine wash

    • Tooth paste

    • Shampoo

    • Shaving Gel

    • Herbal bubble bath

    • Skin irritation treatment (eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, etc...)
    • Makeup remover

    *Results may vary

    Cleanse herbal facial cleanser:
    Use morning and night and follow with other Planet Beach skin-feeding products. Apply in upward strokes to the face and neck. Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes before flushing off with water (warm water may open pores for better cleaning process). May also be used all over the body for bathing, instead of soap. *When used as a body wash it will ensure that your DHA added color (via sunless or bronzing UV lotion) will last longer than with regular body washes that strip the color off the skin.

    *Results may vary

    Cleanse herbal gel cleanser:
    • Aloe Vera Extract, White Oak Bark Extract, Sodium, Beta Carotene, Collagen