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    The all-natural, holistic SLIM Take Home Body Wrap Kit can help to reduce water retention and cleanse the body’s liquid waste system.* In less than an hour, you can streamline your figure, reduce the appearance of cellulite and may even lose inches without having to leave your house.* Bottom line: appear smoother, feel firmer and look amazing!* 

    Take Home Slim Body Wrap Kit includes:
    Cellulite Reduction Herbs: Container includes 90 Capsules
    Scrub Exfoliating Body Cream:  8oz
    Reduce body wrap cream: 2oz
    Enhance anti-cellulite cream:  8oz
    Wrap body contouring plastic wrap: 1 size
    Measuring Tape inch loss measurement: 1 size

    Product Highlights:
    • Can aid in the removal of cellulite from the body*
    • May soften and break down the toxins and waste materials that are trapped in the connective tissues
    • Can help to increases circulation
    • May assist in inch loss*

    *Results may vary

    Take Home Slim Body Wrap Kit Body Contouring Program:
    At HOME once every 4-7 days. Use in conjunction with a fitness regime. *Best to start the herbs two weeks prior to the first wrap, and then use them continually throughout the series of wraps. Room where Wrap will be performed should not be too hot or too cold. You do not want to sweat or have goose bumps. The products are transdermal (enters through pores). If you are sweating, it cannot penetrate. If you are cold, your pores will close up. A little cream should be left after the wrap, but if too much is still there after finished it did not work correctly.

    Instructional Video:

    How to wrap:
    1. Start taking the CELLULITE REDUCTION HERBS 2 week prior to the first (or only) wrap and continually through the series of wraps (if more than one is desired within 2 week time frame). Apply SCRUB Body Exfoliator to the thoracic valve area (chest). Then apply from the ankles up the torso and lastly the arms. Requires 1oz. SCRUB Body Exfoliator.
    2. Remove SCRUB with a dry hand towel using upward sweeping motions in the same sequence it was applied.
    3. Measure all 11 designated points on the body, using the SLIM TAKE HOME WRAP Progress Chart.
    4. Apply REDUCE to the thoracic valve area. Then apply from the ankles up the torso and lastly the upper arms. Requires 2oz. of REDUCE. (Never use less than the full jar for each wrap or you will not get the full results)
    5. Check the time. You can cut yourself out of the wrap 1 hour from this point.
    6. Begin wrapping:
–High waist mini skirt 4x. Slit front and back
–Butt lift starting front to back loosely 4x
–Loose pants 4x on the way down the leg, tight fitting skinny jeans on the way back up 4x. –Repeat butt lift, loose pants and tight fitting skinny jeans on opposite leg.
–Loose tube top and suspenders
–Tummy tuck and butt lift 4x tight
–Firmly contour waist 4x (remembering to rotate roll horizontally when on each side) –Wrap each arm loosely front to back 4-6x
    7. After an hour, you can cut yourself out of wrap running finger along inside of plastic with scissors.
    8. Re-measure and calculate inch loss results

    Wrap should never be used by those who are pregnant, nursing or if one has not been in remission from cancer for 5+ years. Also those on blood thinning medications such as Coumadin and those who suffer from seizures should not utilize body contouring products.

    *Results may vary

    Take Home Slim Body Wrap Kit Body Contouring Program:
    Cellulite Reduction Herbs herbal capsules:
    • Juniper Berries, Horsetail, Uva Ursi, Lecithin, Apple Cider Vinegar

    Scrub exfoliating body cream:
    • Aloe Vera, Rounded Pumice (volcanic origin), Beta Glucan, Papain,Geranium Extract, Cypress Sage Extract

    Reduce body wrap cream:
    • Cassia, Niacin/Niacinamide, Soy Oil

    Enhance anti-cellulite cream:
    • Ivy Extract, Sesame Oil, Niacin/Niacinamide, Cassia, Cucumber Extract, Avocado Oil