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Increase your cool factor! Polish Facial Exfoliator with Ginseng Extract and natural menthol helps to provide a deep clean that leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant with an invigorating instant cooling sensation.* Polish away your dull and lifeless complexion to expose the vibrant and healthy skin you deserve!*

Size: 8 oz

Product Highlights:
• May refine the skin by removing dead surface cells that contribute to clogged pores*
• Can reduce fine lines, uneven texture, and irregular pigmentation
• Helps to transform dull, lifeless skin to look younger, healthier and more vibrant*

*Results may vary

Polish facial exfoliator:
May be used one, two or three times a week depending on skin type (one time for dry, twice for combination, and three times for oily), following CLEANSE. Massage gently, as not to damage the acid mantel, into wet skin with facial sponge or fingertips. Rinse Well. *Warm water makes menthol effect more intense. Wonderful in the morning to wake you up. *Not for Vegan use as it contains lanolin.

Exfoliation Tips & Techniques:
• Normal Skin Types use 1-2 times/week in the PM
• Oily Skin Types use 2-3 times/week in the PM
• Dry Skin Types use 0*-1 times/week in the PM (*=1 x every 8-10 days)
• Best to use in the PM, as skin repairs itself at night
• Use after the facial skin is properly cleansed
• Use a dime size amount, gently massage into the facial area in an upward, circular motion
• Rinse with warm water

Warnings: Avoid eye contact

*Results may vary

Polish facial exfoliator:
• Ginseng, Soy, Chamomile Extract, Rounded Pumice (Volcanic Origin), Plant Derived Menthol