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Reduce Body Wrap Cream helps to promote the removal of cellulite by targeting and helping to remove the toxins trapped in the connective tissues.* It may increase the circulation of the blood, water and lymph in the body by helping to dilate blood vessels.* Reduce Body Wrap Cream is one of the necessary products in Slim Take Home Body Wrap.

Please note: Reduce Body Wrap Cream must be utilized with the Body Contouring Plastic Wrap.  See "How to Use" tab for additional details on maximizing the benefits of your Reduce Body Wrap Cream and Body Contouring Plastic Wrap. 

Size: 2 oz 

Product Highlights:

• Helps to remove cellulite by targeting and removing the toxins trapped in the connective tissue*

Can soothe, heal and stimulate new tissue growth

• May increase skin elasticity and improve skin’s firmness*

*Results may vary

Reduce body wrap cream:

You may perform 1 body wrap every 4-7 days. Do the wrap in a room that is not too hot or too cold. The products are transdermal-enters through pores- so if sweating, it cannot penetrate and if too cold, the pores will close up. A little cream should be left on the body after the wrap, but if too much is still there after finished it did not work correctly.


Understanding REDUCE Cream:

If you experienced a reaction to the body wrap, it is important to understand why. The reason is that you may have had a niacin reaction. One may experience this reaction if the body is toxic and is unable to rid itself of excess niacin buildup. REDUCE is niacin based. Planet Beach uses this vitamin because of its unique ability to help cleanse the lymphatic system and also help to stimulate the circulatory systems.

During the wrap, the skin may appear pink or red and may feel warm and tingly. This is not a negative reaction, but is the skin's natural response to the introduction of niacin, increasing circulation. If a reaction occurs during a treatment, you must understand that you may have a buildup of niacin and need to detoxify prior to receiving another wrap. If a more intense or unusual reaction occurs, follow the protocol below.


Some tips to help avoid a reaction to the Niacin:

1. Drink plenty of water prior to being wrapped — but not within 1.5 hours of receiving wrap (to avoid the need to use the rest room during wrap). Depending on when the service is to take place you may drink half, to all, of the daily-recommended water prior to wrap.

2. If you are taking a vitamin supplement that contains a high amount of niacin, you may want to temporarily discontinue use of this a day or two prior to receiving the wrap.

Protocol for a reaction to REDUCE:

1. If the affected area is small, and is causing only mild discomfort, cleanse the area with a warm washcloth, apply CLEANSE — let dry, then rinse area. Following this, dry the area and apply RESTORE.

2. If the affected area is large, but is only causing mild discomfort, shower, then apply CLEANSE — allow it to dry, then rinse body. Following rinse, dry skin and apply RESTORE.

3. If the affected area is small but is causing major discomfort, rinse the area with a warm washcloth, apply PURIFY mask to the area — let dry, then rinse. Following the mask, apply CLEANSE — let dry, then rinse, and apply RESTORE.

4. If the affected area is large and is causing major discomfort, soak in a baking soda bath. Following bath, dry the skin and apply RESTORE.

*Depending on the severity of the reaction — take an antihistamine. This will reduce the histamine reaction one has to the cream. 


Warnings: Wrap should never be used by those who are pregnant, nursing or if one has not been in remission from cancer for 5+ years. Also those on blood thinning medications such as Coumadin and those who suffer from seizures should not utilize the body contouring products. Avoid breasts, face and bikini areas.

*Results may vary

Reduce body wrap cream:

Cassia, Niacin/Niacinamide, Soy Oil