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About Us

Do you know anyone who doesn’t daydream about escaping to the beach to relax, revitalize, and have a little fun? Neither do we!


The reasons are quite clear! Our lives… our busy, hectic, non-stop lives sometimes need a little TLC! We all want an escape to a relaxing place or state-of-mind to center ourselves and find balance. When we can escape the daily grind and take better care of ourselves, we are more patient, produce better work and live happier, healthier lives. When we escape, we are far away from the forces that create stress; we might as well be on another planet


In 1996, Planet Beach entered the universe! The Founder and CEO, Steve Smith, started a company that was dedicated to helping people live healthy lives and feel better about themselves. Planet Beach started out with 1 location in the heart of New Orleans and is now hundreds of locations worldwide. Planet Beach is the world’s first and largest automated spa; locations have facials, skin hydration treatments, UV therapy, massage services, sunless spray services, red light therapy, and so much more!


Our loyal members enjoy our services and loveour products! These very products, that our clients have come to love, have only been available to purchase at our locations, until now! Why keep these great products only available to members when so many others can benefit? From a full-range of specially formulated skincare products and a complete body-slimming program to essential oil candles and products to make your home feel like a spa, we’ve got you covered! Our products are now available to purchase here at! We can’t wait to send you your first shipment of Planet Beach products! We love them, our clients love them, and we know you will love them too!


Planet Beach is changing the way the world rejuvenates!


Shop now at and join the revolution!!!